Religious Education

Religious Education

As a Church of England academy, RE plays a crucial role in helping children to flourish and become the best they can be. RE looks at what it is to be human and how we engage well with one another, with the world around us, and ultimately with God. Religion continues to shape us and our world, and studying RE can give children and young people tools with which to examine beliefs, attitudes and values that mould us and guide us in life.

Our curriculum is focused around Christianity through the Understanding Christianity scheme. However, as we follow the York Diocese to guide our teaching of RE, the children are also given the opportunity every year to learn about and respect other religions in addition to Christianity, with a focus on spirituality and the relevance to the children’s lives. This allows us to develop the children into respectful, well rounded and balanced individuals.

Knowledge Building Blocks (Understanding Christianity)

Progression in Knowledge (Syllabus)

Right of Withdrawal

Parents/carers do have the right to withdraw pupils from RE lessons, or any part of the RE curriculum. If you wish to do this, please make an appointment with the RE subject leader in school. HSLT does not support selective withdrawal from RE.

Our schools have a duty to supervise pupils withdrawn from RE, though not to provide additional teaching or to incur extra cost. Where the pupil has been withdrawn, alternative arrangements will be made for RE of the kind the parents/guardians want the pupil to receive. These arrangements will be made by the parents/guardians. The school is not expected to make these arrangements. This RE could be provided at the school in question, or by another school in the locality. If neither approach is practicable, the pupil may receive external RE teaching as long as the withdrawal does not significantly impact on the child’s attendance.